Mona Vale Surf Club Timetable

2017 Winter TIMETABLE

Tue 9.30am 1 hr essentials with Min at Mona Vale Surf Club  ( Vanessa for 3 weeks from 16/9 )

Thu 9.30am 1 hr dynamic essentials with Min at Mona Vale Surf Club . **( Bobbi for 3 weeks from 16/9)

Thu 10.45 am  very gentle beginner / injury friendly  class. - not running now until mid Oct

Sat 7:15 am 1 hr gentle strengthening flow with Bobbi at Mona Vale Surf Club (not running in school holidays)

*no charge for this class for pension card holders.

essentials classes move slower and explain basic alignment -

dynamic  essentials still has instruction but we do more of the stronger poses and flow from pose to pose more  ( as opposed to harder poses )

restorative yoga is gentle and more stretch based, designed to uplift your energy and leave you feeling calm