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At Peace Yoga Love our philosophy is to make yoga available to everyone and especially the most vulnerable in our community.  Peace Yoga Love offers friendly community yoga classes on on Sydney's Northern Beaches - we have regularly scheduled yoga classes with experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers.  Min is also developing online yoga based self care courses for remote students and devising a retreat program. We offer a free class once a week for pension card holders.  There is no expectation of skill level, yoga clothes, body shape, age, fitness level or any other judgement. Our classes are all drop in, there are no bookings, no terms and no catches.  Our classes will suit beginner through to experienced yoga students. Peace Yoga Love is run by Min, who is absolutely passionate about Yoga being accessible and affordable to everyone, as it should be! We have old people, young people, inflexible people and bendy people,  beginners and everyone in between in our classes - and that is just the way we like it. Please come and join us for a class.

Peace Yoga Love has a close relationship with Byron Yoga Centre.

Kerry now runs Terrey Hills as Nourished Yoga 

Gabby now runs Freshwater as Infinite Yoga 


The more you come to yoga the better you feel.

I had a student tell me this week that since starting my classes three months ago, coming three times a week,  that she has been able to completely drop a medication that she had taken for ten years.  I was really thrilled for her, of course this won't happen with every student and every medication, but I believe yoga can make really profound differences to your health and happiness.

This sharing set me thinking about talking to you about how different it is to do yoga really regularly - and how I can support you all to do that. 

Most of you come to our yoga classes because they make you feel good, and you know they are good for you.  You feel good after class. I could write for days about why!

Did you know that once you start regularly practicing two to three times a week, that good feeling isn't just after class?  it spreads out into your whole week - your life!

In my experience you start feeling so good you hunt down and notice the things that are making you feel bad - you start making choices such as not having that beer with dinner because you want to go to yoga tomorrow and not feel fuzzy, to skip the cheese that you love that makes you feel sluggish because it slows down your sun salute, the person who brings you down... you notice your body on the mat, and then observe yourself more carefully off the mat, you make little and big changes because you are becoming accomplished at noticing how you actually are.... you care for yourself on a whole new level.

If you were to take up running, and ran once a week or even less when you were busy, you would intuitively know that each run is going to be harder, every time than it might be if you ran every single week, once or twice a week, and, of course, so it is with yoga - come twice or three times per week and your practice becomes easier, even the non strenuous parts - by coming along often you can make really tangible and noticeable progress and you feel good all the time instead of just after class.

So, with this in mind I have been thinking about how to structure our end of things with the goal of giving you a extra motivation to commit to a regular practice.  Which lead me to financial motivation, and monthly passes. We have always priced ourselves to encourage a twice weekly practice.  I always hoped that people could afford a $10 class twice or three times per week or make it to one of our free classes.  My latest plan is that I have made some passes that discount regular attendance, but also give you an incentive to commit to your own practice.


$35 monthly for 1 x per week / 4 x per month + free classes      ( direct debit only - $10 set up fee, no minimum term )


$65 monthly for 2 x per week / 8 per month + one free guest pass per month + free classes + workshop discounts         ( direct debit only - $10 set up fee, no minimum term ).

UNLIMITED $80 monthly for unlimited classes +  two free guest passes per month + workshop discounts      ( no set up fees - direct debit or pay at class  )  + one half hour pre or post class private class with Min per 6 months ( if direct debit - no set up fee, no minimum term )

Free Classes - currently if you are a monthly pass holder you may attend Mona Vale's Saturday morning class without it counting toward your total, Terrey Hills weekend afternoon classes or the Thursday morning 930am class at Freshie.  The classes that you may attend will vary according to my whim and will be updated as they change on our passes page on our website  - I want you to try out some of our venues and teachers!

Peace and Love ( and a regular yoga practice for you )